The individual Nomadic Architecture

Our principle of "Architecture begins where the notion of the house ceases" we transpose by bringing in a harmonious relationship to each other the following: clients, in- and outside, form, material and design.


Interview Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (2008)



Each of our partners has a great potential! Our goal is to fully exploit this potential and put it by efficient teamwork for the benefit of our clients. We are determined to face up to the requirements for growing demands of professionalism and precision. The Virtual Prototyping helps us to examine the targets. Therefore the character of our architecture shall continue to grow by its individuality and the wishes of our clients.

Transparency of nomadic architecture

We work on re-uses but larger new buildings of a wide variety of functions as well. By a number of thermo-technical renovations we have acquired knowledge in this field; Working with the GEAK tool and with the standard of MINIERGIE are self-evident for us but not a ‘must’. Another area of interest and activity is building for people with disabilities.


High-quality light architectures with correspondingly grown know-how have shaped our claim for lighting quality. One of our projects was awarded as a result of extraordinary quality by a highly professional performance of our lighting architect.


We like to use our knowledge in this field in interior designs in private homes as well. The comparison on the occasion of public or invited architecture competitions we take part from time to time to compete with other architects.

Architecture Segments

Our approach by working with clients and partners is characterized by respect and esteem.

Your wishes and ideas are the basis of our – both, individal and tailored – architecture. This to transpose professionally and competentely is our goal.


We offer:

  • Architecture and Cl for Trade and Commerce
  • Interpretation of existing structures
  • Building for people with disabilities
  • Thermotechnical renovations
  • Custom made buildings




We provide:

  • Comprehensive measurments of existing buildings and buildings (building, building shell, indoor environment (temperature, light, colors, materiality)
  • Incorporation and visual translation of the corporate identity and philosophy into the building design and design concept (building as a ‘business card for employees and clients)
  • Project management to reach the goals for design and concept
  • Visualization of design concepts

Interpretation of the existing building substance



We provide:

  • Comprehensive recording of individual requirements and desires
  • Analysis of Building site
  • Approach and concept development
  • Energy conservation and efficiency improvement of the built structure, according to individual needs (e.g. MINERGIE, etc.)
  • Individual concepts for color, material and lighting concepts
  • Adaptive Re-use concepts for historic structures. Improvement of the ‘grown’ existing and  convert it into a contemporary, timeless  design

Buildings for people with IMPAIRMENTS

We provide:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of construction standards
  • Diverse experience in working with people with special needs
  • Incorporation of all involved parties into the design process
  • Experience in acquisition of financial support for designing for people with impairmants (knowledge of the requirements)
  • Private engagement and experiences


We provide:

  • Analysis of Buildings
  • Professional acquisition and assessment of the existing building substance
  • Catalogue of measures
  • Assessment and conservation of value
  • Unifying and creating a unity between the new and the existing
  • Financial assurance due to comprehensive cost-control-data base


as personal as you are!


We provide:

  • Thorough analysis of requirement
  • Evaluation of the current architectural stage
  • Development of concept idea for planning and construction
  • Organic planning process respecting and corresponding to project specific requirements
  • Transparency in planning and architectural design
  • Maintaining the design scope